"I'll just watch Marie Kondo on Netflix! I don't need a professional organizer!"

I am so pleased that you are able to internally motivate yourself and resource yourself well enough to create the desired outcome inside your home.

But... for the rest of us...

Why do you need a fitness trainer?

Why do you need a financial planner? Why do you need an insurance broker?

Why do you need a bookkeeper?

Why do you hire a photographer for your wedding? ... I could go on and on ...

The point is: You hire a professional because they excel and have valuable experience in their field. Think of me as a trainer that is going to whoop your house, business or life into shape! Side note: I remember the first time I ever walked into a gym... I had no idea what all of those contraptions did. Imagine you are me (clueless at the gym) and apply that same thought to organizing your space. You may have seen your closet (/treadmill) but do you know how to utilize it to its fullest potential? I can help you look at your space from a fresh set of non-biased eyes!

Reason #4 to hire a professional organizer: Fresh Perspective! A professional organizer will look at your situation with new eyes, seeing it from a different view point. They will be able to bring understanding and creative solutions to your organizing challenges. - Originally posted on the NAPO-NNJ Facebook page for GO Month (January, 2015)

Being able to take a step back and look at a situation objectively instead of emotionally takes practice. One of ways I can offer help is by providing a coaching session. If budgets are low and don't allow for a full-blown organizing session, or maybe you're skeptical, I am happy to offer a one-on-one coaching session. During one of my coaching sessions, I will provide you with insight and recommendations on the tools you could use to whip your space into shape.

If that sounds like something that you might want to try... complete the intake and tell me about your space!


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