Do you have one of these?

Everyone I know has a “junk drawer” or two... Maybe even three (Some of us have “junk rooms” 🙈)

I was so guilty of having a junk drawer before I did a massive kitchen purge. One of my mottos is “everything has a home” and I’m going to drill that into your mind! I have been saying this long before Marie Kondo came to Netflix with her KonMarie special, but it’s so important. Regardless of which method works for you, this is the foundation!

Everything. Has. A. Home.

Those foreign coins you are holding onto? Why? Unless you are a collector of foreign coins... get rid of em!

Dead lighter? Be gone!

Empty pot of hand cream? Who are we kidding... we are TOTALLY going to repurpose that for a pinterest project... (sarcasm)

I hear you now... ”Okay Ashliegh... how do I fix it?”

Step 1: Take everything out, and I mean EVERYTHING. Put it on the counter.

Step 2: Begin sorting: Keep, Donate, Toss.

How do you know what to keep? Ask yourself, does this have an immediate purpose, now or within the next few weeks?

If it’s mystery keys and you legitimately have no idea what they belong to... toss! Crusty lip balm? Ew, please toss! Keys that you know where they belong? Hang them up!

Donate anything hiding in there that is in new or excellent condition that you know will not serve you an immediate purpose. I know it is hard to let go of stuff that is new or in very good condition because we always buy with the best intentions, but if it is not serving you a purpose, it will likely be of great use to someone else.

After you are done sorting, take a look at your keep pile. How much of this stuff can be given a home in another area of your house? What belongs in the Garage? Office? Mudroom?

Now it is time to put it back together. I recommend separating categories into the drawer by using containers. There should be nothing “loose” in the drawer... everything has a home! The white containers in my picture can be found at the dollar store and they’re the perfect size for organizing drawers!

After all of that if you are still overwhelmed with your junk drawer, or cannot decide what is Keep VS. Toss, book an appointment with me! I will help you get it #OrganizedAF!

My personal "Junk Drawer"


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