DO LESS LAUNDRY (it’s not sorcery) ...

If you are anything like me... you probably feel like laundry is a never ending task. Okay, so how do we fix it? Here's a few helpful tips for taming the laundry monster.

... 1: Stop washing your jeans after every use. Unless you are working (labour) in your jeans or they have visible dirt on them, they probably do not need to be washed. Some even suggest that jeans NEVER need to be washed. Personally, for me that is a bit extreme, so here is what I suggest: Wash weekly or bi-weekly depending on how often you wear them. I only wear my jeans 1-2x per week, so I end up washing mine bi-weekly. If they stink wash them (please)! Otherwise, hang them back up or fold them nicely. In my house, we have pegs on the wall dedicated to our "too dirty to hang back up in the closet, but not dirty enough to wash" items. As a byproduct, you will lower your ecological footprint by saving water, saving energy and by putting less detergent/chemicals into the water ways.

...2: Same rule applies for your cardigans, sweaters and pretty much anything that is not underwear! I guarantee you that back in “the day” before our beloved washing machines came along, our great-grandparents and grandparents were not hand-scrubbing, hanging to dry and ironing their clothes after every wear.

...3: Avoid marathon laundry washing! When you marathon wash, you need to be prepared to spend the entire day loading, unloading, folding, loading, unloading, folding. For some people, this method works. However if you are anything like me, by the time all of the other "Sunday" chores were done the laundry got tossed to the side, on the floor or on the laundry chair in your bedroom. It has been my experience that most people do not have the attention span for marathon laundering. My suggestion is to do one load of laundry per day (or two) but only do what you can commit to 100% completing. When you take it out of the dryer, fold it immediately.

...4: Laundry day can be any day. Believe it or not, you do not actually have to wait for a specific day of the week to do laundry. Laundry day for me is any day the laundry basket is full. When it is full I sort the loads and if I have enough clothes for one load (lets say darks) I do that load of laundry right then and there. Putting the rest back until another load is ready.

...5: This is going to sound funny and maybe a little obvious... but have less clothes. I know some of you hear this and then immediately think "If I have less clothes, I have to do laundry more frequently!!! CRAZY LADY!" and while you are correct, you might have to do it a little bit more frequently if you're not following steps 1 and 2; you will still have much smaller laundry loads to deal with. Before I purged my closet and got myself on to a capsule wardrobe, I was going maybe a month in between laundry loads, and then I was marathon washing... and then there was SO MUCH to fold that I would get overwhelmed and off to the laundry chair it went!

...5: Reduce the amount of towels, dish cloths, hand towels and tea towels you have. After a shower, you should be CLEAN. I mean, at least I hope you are, otherwise what were you doing in there? Never mind, I don't want to know... Ideally you do not need a new towel after each shower. In our house, we have two towels per BODY, and enough face cloths to get through the week. We have around 10-15 dish clothes and tea towels. Of course you may have to adjust the numbers to account for individual circumstances (i.e. I have a couple of "hair towels" that I use as my hair is chemically treated and bleeds onto the white bath towels).

Ultimately these are suggestions and things that I have tried and tested myself. Each family situation is going to be unique, so you might take some of these tips and adjust them to suit your family needs. If you are still struggling with laundry or need some help with purging your closet, you can book an initial consultation and together we will work to fix your laundry issues.

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