Not sure where to start with a Virtual Assistant? Here is just a small sampling of the tasks you can delegate to me.

  1. Things You Hate Doing

  2. Things You Cannot Do Yourself

  3. Things You Should Not Be Doing

  4. Filtering E-mails

  5. Managing Spam

  6. Organizing E-mail Inbox (creating folders)

  7. Update Contacts or CRM

  8. Send eCards, Event Invitations

  9. Calendar Management

  10. Appointment Scheduling

  11. Reminder Services

  12. DropBox / Google Drive / iCloud Organization

  13. Data Entry in Word, Google Docs, Excel

  14. Creating & Managing Spreadsheets

  15. Preparing Powerpoint / Keynote Presentations

  16. Transcribe Audio and Video Files

  17. Simple eBook Layout, Design & Formatting

  18. Prepare Online Meeting Minutes

  19. Report Creation

  20. Form Creation

  21. Document Template Creation

  22. Online Research

  23. Moderating Blog Comments

  24. Responding to Blog Comments

  25. Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts

  26. Voicemail Checking & Transcribing

  27. Sending Invoices

  28. Basic Bookkeeping

  29. Receipt Management

  30. Purchasing Promotional Gifts for your clients

  31. Project Management

  32. Training Tasks

  33. Preparation of Training Materials

  34. Training of New Virtual Staff

  35. Deadline / Deliverables Tracking

  36. Social Media Management Tasks

  37. Creating Facebook Fan Pages / Groups

  38. Creating a Twitter Account

  39. Creating a Facebook Account

  40. Creating an Instagram Account

  41. Creating a Pinterest Account

  42. Create Pinnable Images on Pinterest

  43. Pinterest Board Organization

  44. Manage YouTube Account

  45. YouTube Keyword Research

  46. Upload Videos on YouTube

  47. Moderate YouTube Comments

  48. Answering Inquiries and Messages on All Channels & Profiles

  49. Adding / Removing Subscribers from E-mail Lists

  50. Scheduling E-mails

  51. Creating E-mail Newsletters

  52. Editing / Proofreading E-mails

  53. Analytics / Reviewing Data

  54. Basic Graphic Design: Banners, Icons, eBook Covers, Headers

  55. Basic Graphic Design: Infographics

  56. Designing Websites and Landing Pages

  57. Designing Websites and Landing Pages

  58. Installing WordPress PlugIns & Themes (BoldGrid Experience)

  59. Sending Thank-you e-mails and other follow-up

  60. Recruitment & Interviewing

  61. Liaison Between You and Your Other Team Members

  62. Participate in Relevant Facebook Groups to Build Rapport

  63. Calculate Payroll Hours

  64. Adding Expenses

  65. Converting Word Documents to PDFs

  66. Creating Forms or Surveys for Customer Feedback

  67. Proofreading Documents and Other Office Materials

  68. Creating and Writing Policies and Procedures

  69. Audit Employee Efficiency

  70. Creating E-mail Response Templates

  71. Apply for Podcast Appearances

  72. Research & Build Instagram Hashtag List

  73. Accounts Receivables

  74. Billing to 3rd Party Insurers (experience with Alberta Blue Cross, Medavie Blue Cross, Pacific Blue Cross, Blue Cross National, TelusHealth Insurers, Green Shield Canada, WCB)

  75. Formatting Reports for Third-Party Insurers

  76. Collect and Organize Financial Documents for Tax Season

  77. Putting Together Welcome and Goodbye Packages for Prospects, Clients & Staff

  78. Providing Sales Insight

  79. Create Social Media Posts Using your Copy

  80. Monitor Competitor Strategies and Performance

  81. "Secret Shop" Competitors

  82. Software Research

  83. Software Set-Up

  84. Post and Monitor Job Ads

  85. Perform Reference Checks for New Applicants

  86. Manage Employee Files and Databases

  87. Manage Work Requirements for Employees

  88. Upload Product Images to your E-Commerce Site

  89. Create / Enter Product Descriptions

  90. Respond to Customer Inquiries

  91. Real Estate: Complete Property Research

  92. Real Estate: Build Lists and Manage Prospects

  93. Real Estate: Prepare and File Paperwork

  94. Update Resume

  95. Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Social Media Plans

  96. Schedule Social Media Posts

  97. Proofread Website

  98. Sending Friendly Payment Reminders to Clients with Outstanding Balances

  99. Enrolment for Direct Billing Insurers

  100. Business Coaching


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