ABC - Tidy Tip #1

ABC - Always Be Cleaning

One of my secrets to keeping a visually clean and clutter free home is to ABC - Always Be Cleaning!

I swear I’m not crazy (okay maybe a little bit)

Before you grab your windex and spray me in the eye... I don’t mean always scrubbing toilets and vacuuming (although... you should do that regularly). What I mean by ABC is to always be mindful of your space and what you can do to tidy as you move from zone to zone inside your home.

We live in a two story home so one of the tricks I’ve put in place is a “catch all” basket that we fill with stuff that needs to go from floor to floor. As I go either up or downstairs, I grab my basket and I spend the 5 minutes it takes to put those items back in their homes.

The trick to sustaining a tidy space is maintenance! As you leave your living room... collect all of the dishes. Before the end of the night, run the dishwasher so you can empty it in the morning (or if you’re not a morning person... before you start cooking dinner the next day). Don’t wait for your laundry basket to spill its guts on your bedroom floor... do the laundry when the basket is full! Something out of place? Put it back as you notice it.

It seems like it should go without saying but believe me... I’ve been there. I get home and put the blinders on.

Does this sound like you?

“I’ll do the dishes tomorrow morning.”

“I don’t have enough colours to run a load of colours”

“I’m not going back downstairs tonight so I’ll take the cups down in the morning”

Yeah... I kinda thought so. You name the excuse... I’ve used it! Without maintenance... all that hard work you have done decluttering and tidying will be for nothing.

Create new, better habits:

“One extra trip down the stairs won’t hurt me”

“I may not have enough colours but I can do a load of towels”

“I’ll run the dishwasher tonight and unload it while my coffee is brewing in the morning”

What is one habit that you can admit needs work in your home? Let me know and I can help you brainstorm some ways to better integrate it into your day to day!


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